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Getting the Most Out of Your Listing

June 22, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ director,Latest News

Hello CA Talent,

Many talent have asked me how to get the most out their CA listing. So let me share a few reminders to all current voice talent so you get the most out of your listing AND profile. Please consider the following tips, items, and other things so your account and listing are dialed-in.

Keep in mind, our website enjoys a decent amount of traffic with many searching talent profiles manually, therein requesting private auditions. Here are the items to consider to assure you have a complete, competitive listing.

Dialing-in Your Profile and Listing Items…

ACCOUNT DETAILS: Make sure your general ‘account details’ are complete, including your PayPal and other info.This section is located on the side link tab area within your dashboard and is NOT your artist listing details shared online.

ARTIST LISTING: This is your actual voice talent listing shown on the website. After you login be sure you create your talent listing. Again this is NOT your account details above. If you have one already click “edit listing” to do so.

HEAD-SHOT: Make sure you have uploaded a head-shot or brand logo to replace the temp default image used.

ARTIST BIO: Offer quality bio text sharing why the client should consider you. I suggest a short “sales-pitch” and NOT merely a long worded bio. Try NOT to name drop so much to impress the prospect as many times, it can actually have the opposite affect on a small business. Do NOT write lots of copy too. People do NOT want to, or have time to read 15 paragraphs of info. Remember the old saying: “less is more”.

KEYWORDS: Use keywords “voice over talent, hourly voice talent and voice talent” within your bio copy. This is a MUST to assure your talent page is ranked well in top search engines. Yes, we SEO all talent pages weekly.

CATEGORIES: Located within the edit listing form are site categories. Be sure to pick ONLY the categories right for your ability. Remember you are limited based on your plan. This will assure you’re found in “search results” on the site.

DEMOS: Upload MP3 demos that reflect the voice over and narration type genre demos. These should be fully produced samples and/or high-quality genre specific relative voice over demos.

HELP VIDEOS: If you need more help, review the Help-Videos page using the link, image or tab located within your dashboard. linked below and within your dashboard.

SUMMARY: Making sure all of these details are complete, can make or break your profile being seen. Not to mention potentially landing jobs. If you come across unprofessional, using a incomplete profile and listing, the clients will think you are just that. Unprofessional. Take 10-minutes and check your artist listing, bio, and items above today.

Thanks again for being part of our flat hourly program. If you need help, contact us using the links in the site.

Anthony Reece