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6 Tummul Place, Saint Andrews NSW, Australia
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Cast Aimee Smith – $200.00 (up to 2 minutes of voice over)


Aimee Smith is an Australian cartoon voice actor and voice actress who has voiced for almost 100 video game characters. She has voiced for characters with Australian, American and British dialects for projects across the world from her home studio.

Some of her cartoon voice actor and character voice over roles include:
– Milla in Freedom Planet I and II by Galaxytrail (Steam Release, Wii U, PS4)
– Olivia the Sword Dancer from Heroes Arena (Mobile Devices)
– Alysia from Battlerite (Steam Release)
– Tera in Aphmau’s series: Phoenix Drop High – Graduation Days (YouTube)
– Tae, Puru and Lala in Battle of Heroes (Android devices)
– Anahita in Heroes: Clash of Kings (Android Devices)
– Tina & Ticketseller in Galactic Phantasy Prelude by Moonfish Software (iOs App)
– Female Villagers, Lyrical Bard & Nagging Wife in Folk Tale (Steam)
– Rosalind in Princess Battles by Nekomura Games (PC)
– Icari in Sunrider by Love in Space (Steam)
– The Panther & Fox Lady in Spirit Run (iOs App)
– Rubble in Super Puzzle Sisters (Steam)
– Ktara in Siegecraft Commander by Blowfish Studios (Xbox One, PS4, Steam)
– Sophia in Flight Knights by LINE Media (Google Play Store)
– Announcer in Battleshot by Lionbird Studios (iOs Devices)
– Stoneslinger and the Exiled Guard in Runewards by Reaver Games (PC, Google Play & App Store)

Please feel free to contact me for an audition.

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Aimee Smith


Sex/Age Group Youth Female
1st 2 Minute Flat Rate $200
2nd 2 Minute Flat Rate $150
3rd 2 Minute Flat Rate $100
National Broadcast 2 Minute Rate (no cartoons) US $700
Studio Type Home
Offers Phone Patch No
Accepts Coupons Yes
Affilitations Non-Union
Country Australia
State/Province New South Wales
Distance: 10,168 Miles
Address 6 Tummul Place, Saint Andrews NSW, Australia
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