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Gary Leavitt

Woburn, MA, United States
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Cast Gary Leavitt – $250.00 (up to 2 minutes of voice over)

Wizard of Stars and Celebrity Impressionist, Gary Leavitt can impersonate more celebrities than anybody around. The voices include A-list and B-list actors for both Movie and Television, Cartoon Characters, Politicians, Athletes, and more.

Gary Leavitt has several Television and Radio Credits. These credits include playing the part of Bozo the Clown on FOX, Jack Nicholson on FOX, and Bruce Springsteen on SyFy to name use a few. Gary has also had his own local television special, “Gary Leavitt and Friends” which was a variety show of his own skits, along with celebrity performances from Gary US Bonds.

America's Got Talent Impressionist Gary Leavitt does the Greatest Cartoon Characters ever.

America's Got Talent Impressionist Gary Leavitt

Gary LeavittImpersonating Harry Shearer's voiceson the Simpsons

Impressionist Gary Leavitt voices the Greatest Cartoon Characters ever.

Sex/Age Group Adult Male
1st 2 Minute Flat Rate $250
2nd 2 Minute Flat Rate $250
3rd 2 Minute Flat Rate $250
Studio Type Rental
Offers Phone Patch Yes
Accepts Coupons No
Affilitations Non-Union
Country United States of America
State/Province Massachusetts
Distance: 3,692 Miles
Address Woburn, MA, United States
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