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Tara Gilroy

Thousand Oaks, CA, United States
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   Cast Tara Gilroy – $150.00 (up to 2 finished minutes)


I am quite a CHARACTER. haha.. I have been told that my whole life. I actually finally believe that. My presence and unique ability to captivate the mind (all kinds of minds) is my favorite…Anyone can be Beautiful, but not anyone can captivate people and entertain them..That is my passion..It is a gift. — I have the ability to make my character voice overs, and voice sound like anything.

That sounds weird saying. In fact, rather hard to explain. An Example, I can create a cartoon character, make the most unique strange voices and sounds, since I was a kid. I can imitate almost anyone’s voice. As a character voice talent, I have a unique voice that no one seems to forget. I am an actor in all areas, I have been told, radio, broadcast, voice over, is my specialty. I know , I can do anything, I love doing character voice overs.

I am excited for what I am about to embark on with my Career in the next phase of my life. It’s all timing, and it’s MY TIME!!


Sex/Age Group Adult Female
1st 2 Minute Flat Rate $150
2nd 2 Minute Flat Rate $150
3rd 2 Minute Flat Rate $200
Studio Type Home
Offers Phone Patch Yes
Accepts Coupons Yes
Affilitations Non-Union
Country United States of America
State/Province California
Distance: 5,790 Miles
Address Thousand Oaks, CA, United States
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