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7 STEPS TO USING OUR CHARACTER VOICE OVER TALENT – Find, Audition, Cast Character Voices.

  • 1) Use the search options at right to find character voices to audition by category, sex, age, etc..
  • 2) Click on any of our featured Cartoon Actors, and enjoy a character voice audition free.
  • 3) Hire, or “cast” any character voice talent you like using their PayPal ADD TO CART button.
  • 4) Your character voice actor records “up to” two final minutes of recorded voice over.
  • 5) The character voice talent sends us their recording, we review and send you the final masters.
  • 6) You enjoy 3-days to approve content, request limited re-cuts on content by the voice talent.
  • 7) You enjoy full buy-out of content once your payment is made at Cartoon Actors.

The 2 Minute Concept Explanation: The rate for each voice talent, which includes the first “2 minutes of finished voice over” is shown within their artist page in the “studio details tab”. This flat rate covers everything from talent’s pre-planning time, to recording, 1 round of limited re-cuts and delivery of your voiced content.

It is that easy! Start searching for, and cast your next character voice today. Character voice auditions are free!

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