Cartoon Actors Member Terms and Conditions


As a registered and approved member of Cartoon Actors website, you accept and willingly agree to the following “terms and conditions” relating either being featured as a Cartoon Actors “voice talent” for hire, OR a “casting client” seeking to hire talent.

Voice Talent Terms:

  1. You agree to use a recording studio meeting acceptable “professional standards” to record voice tracks.
  2. You agree after being asked to offer a free audition to CA clients, you will not offer services outside CA
  3. You agree to feature professional voice over demos and offer FREE auditions to approved casting clients.
  4. You agree to offer character voice services at your chosen rate based on “up to 2 minutes” of final voice over.
  5. You agree to offer voiced content to casting clients at a “buyout” without further consideration or payment.
  6. You agree cover any outside studio costs in the event such are required to deliver professional quality tracks.
  7. You agree to record, edit and deliver final voice overs using the UPLOAD TOOL within 48-hours after getting a final script.
  8. You agree to offer CA and its clientele free “limited re-cuts” on content deemed voiced in error on your part.
  9. You understand CA is NOT a directory and you can NOT use links to outside sources. All content must remain within your artist page and our website. Links driving users outside our site will be deleted by admin.
  10. You agree to our payment terms of 7 to 10 day net (after work) using your “request payment” tool.
  11. You understand that CA retains a “website casting fee” equal to 25% of all work supplied by voice talent.
  12. You understand CA will have final “creative approval” on content in question by CA clients. If for any reason it is deemed by our casting director Anthony Reece you did NOT make a reasonable effort to record, edit, deliver professional quality tracks  or meet the deadline for a project as agreed with any casting client, you may NOT be paid and a new talent will be hired.
  13. You understand CA expects you to deliver professional quality voice tracks, on-time, and represent CA ethically.
  14. Repeat misuse, abuse or disregard of our program and these terms will result in termination with NO refund.
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Casting Client Terms:

  1. You agree to request free auditions from featured voice talent within the Cartoon Actors website only.
  2. You agree to not hire OR pay for services to any featured voice talent outside the website after a free audition.
  3. You agree to request auditions with the intent of hiring and securing service of at least (1) one talent.
  4. You understand voice talent offer a flat “2 minute rate” for recording of voice content “up to 2 total minutes”.
  5. You understand that a (2) two minute purchase is required “in advance” prior to booking of voice talent.
  6. You understand NO REFUNDS are offered after voiced content has been recorded by talent.
  7. You understand CA will retain final “artistic approval” regarding any voiced content which is in question-
  8. You understand all voice talent offer a “limited round” of re-cuts on content recorded in ‘error’ by voice artists.
  9. You agree not to attempt a credit card “charge-back” once service has been rendered by our voice artists.
  10. You agree not to bundle, sell, or distribute supplied voiced content using such content in your original project.
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Please Note: These terms are NON-NEGOTIABLE and if for any reason you do NOT agree to these conditions, please exit now and do NOT register. All terms and conditions shared herein are fully binding for both voice talent and casting clients. Any blatant breach of theses terms and conditions will result in the loss of your account permanently!