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Need professional Character Voices? Want to pick talent on their “ability” not their quote? Cartoon Actors is home to character voice overs, and cartoon voice talent offering 2 minute flat rates for character voice overs. Yes 2-minutes of TOTAL voiced content added up.

If you are tired of weeding through hundreds of “low-quality” unprofessional character voice over demos, only in hope of finding 2 or 3 voice talent, our character voices are perfect for your game, animation, cartoon project, toy or more.

We have the best character voices in the industry. You see anyone with a check-book and a microphone, can say they are a character voice over talent. Most merely pay a fee to be featured on a listing website.

At Cartoon Actors, our talent are hand-approved and pre-filtered based on their artistic, and character voice acting ability as a voice actor on our site. Our character voice over talent offer prospects 1 of 3 rates per 2 minute level seen below…

  • Current 2018 Rates and Levels:
  • First “Up to 2 Minute Rate Level” – $200 to $300
  • Second “Up to 2 Minute Rate Level” – $150 to $250
  • Third “Up to 2 Minute Rate Level” – $100 to $200

Note: All voice talent offer “one of these flat rates” per level to you as our casting client. We handle the billing, and payment only releasing funds to the talent once work has been completed, and approved. We review and screen ALL content too.

Don’t hire talent based only on their quote at websites known as “pay-to-play” websites, or subscription casting sites.

This is where Cartoon Actors, co-created by United Voice Talent  and VoiceTOONS has quickly become a GO-TO casting resource for hand-selected character voice overs from professional character voice talent.

You can select character voice talent manually in private, or request our FREE Private Full Voice Casting. .Then tell us whom you wish to audition, in a FREE limited casting call. Either way, we work with you “one-on-one” from the voice casting phase, to recording and delivery of final voiced tracks.

Cartoon Actors is about QUALITY of character voices, from professional voice talent, and NOT based on talent bids.

Have a listen and you’ll agree, we have the best character voice talent, at the best rates for professional character voices.

Thank you for your visit.

-Anthony Reece / Voice Casting Director

Our Cartoon Actors Offering Character Voice Overs